In 2006, my Doctor advised me (Paula) to quit caffeine because it was causing me health issues. My friend who was battling cancer introduced me to organic loose leaf tea and I discovered how good tea could taste and make me feel!

However, I wasn’t finding it readily available in local stores and what I did find, was either connoisseur teas (and the price that came with that) or more affordable but low quality bulk tea. I decided that we needed to fill that need in the marketplace.

We wanted to offer clean, fresh, high quality, organic loose-leaf teas that were not only full of flavor, but also accessible to the American palate and priced for everyday enjoyment. My decision to start Storehouse Tea has made an impact on my family's overall health and well-being and so too for our enthusiastic customers that drink them. 

Who We Are Today

Since 2007, Storehouse Tea Company, LLC has been sourcing, blending and distributing some of finest organic, fair-trade loose leaf teas available anywhere.

We moved to the Hildebrandt Building in Ohio City in 2015 to be closer to energy and vibrancy of downtown Cleveland, proximity to the refugee population, and to be part of the artist/food artisans in the building. We believe in making an impact on current and future generations and the earth we all share, which is why we source and blend certified Organic and Fair Trade Teas. We source from sustainable farmers both locally and internationally. We employ locals, recent immigrants and refugees from around the world to small batch hand blend and package our teas.

Try our teas and start drinking them on a daily basis. We’re confident that you’ll not only love our teas, but as we experienced, you’ll start to notice that drinking our teas affect you in a profoundly positive way. We wouldn't offer you any product that that we don’t absolutely believe in, use, trust and love.  

Blessings of Health to you and yours! 
Paula and Dan Hershman