What is a foodshed

A Foodshed is the geographic region that produces the food for a particular population. The term is used to describe a region of food flows, from the area where it is produced, to the place where it is consumed, including: the land it grows on, the route it travels, the markets it passes through, and the tables it ends up on. The Yellowbird Foodshed is focusing it’s efforts on the population of Ohio.

What we do

Working with over 100 food growers and producers from Ohio, our community of eaters has CAST THEIR VOTE with their fork. Each product that we carry has been sustainably raised, harvested, transported, and consumed.

Our members are constantly striving to create solutions to help restore one of the planet's most fundamental, yet most corrupted systems...FOOD.

By asking ourselves and our customers, “Who Grew Your Food?”, we are partnering with both food growers and consumers, to create a sustainable model that DEcentralizes our current food system through 2 ways of purchasing.
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Our benefits

By joining the Yellowbird Foodshed family, you are voting YES! to

Personal health Planetary health through decreased fossil fuels and sustainable growing practices Fair treatment of food, growers, and laborers Fair treatment of animals and land

Vote with your fork and join the Yellowbird Foodshed community!

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