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We grow and farm our own fruits and veggies and deliver them to your door. Each month features new products and produce that go with the seasons.

There are no checkout buttons on your cart!  We use order cutoff times to finalize your cart.  Each week final cuttoffs are Sunday at 11:59pm.  This allows you to add products to your cart continually up until that cutoff time.


Choose your frequency

We know you are busy and have life to attend to. We get it. Choose any times that work best for you. You can switch anytime!


We deliver - rain or shine

Our deliveries usually occur between 7 am and 7 pm.  Due to sustainable routing practices, we are unfortunately unable to guarantee delivery times, but we make sure and communicate everything in detail we can beforehand so that you can know when to approximately expect delivery.


Save time and enjoy!

We know you are busy and have life to attend to. We get it. Let us do the hard work of driving to the best farms in Ohio to pickup your food for you.  We want you to know "Who Grew Your Food?"

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