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Organic Milk 2% Creamline Glass (0.5 gal)


1/2 Gallon

2% Non-Homogenized, Creamline
In Returnable Glass Bottles
$2.00 Deposit Included in Price
Refunded with Return

2% Milk
With about one half the butterfat content of the whole milk, this is a good choice if you are concerned about your calorie intake.
You will enjoy the creaminess of this reduced-fat milk.
Since it is not homogenized, you will still notice that the cream rises to the top (though it will be less than the whole milk).
Simply shake the bottle to mix it back into your milk, and enjoy!

Benefits of Non-Homogenized Milk:

Easier digestion
Butterfat particles stay in their natural state
Provides excellent nutrient delivery

Green Field Farms

Organic Milk

Our Amish dairy farming history goes back hundreds of years to when our forefathers were grazing cows in the alpine meadows of the Swiss Alps. Today the old world tradition continues – our small family dairy farms graze their cows on lush green pastures from early spring into late fall. Crops of corn and hay, rich in nutrients, are harvested with horses throughout the summer to provide feed for the cows during the winter months. This personal relationship between farmer, animal, and land produces milk rich in taste and nutrients.

USDA OrganicGreen Field Farms Certified SealOrganic is Non-GMO Guaranteed

Our Organic Dairy Products

Whole Milk

Chocolate Milk

2% Milk

Skim Milk

Why Use Glass Bottles

Glass Milk Bottle

Our glass bottle further represents our idea of “Wholesome Values. Wholesome Food”. Instead of adding to landfills, we collect, sanitize, and reuse our half-gallon glass bottles. Simply return them to a store that sells Green Field Farms milk to receive a return of the bottle deposit.

Benefits of Glass Bottles:

Why Use Low-Temp Vat Pasteurization?

How milk pasteurization works (illustration)

Milk heated to the lowest temperature allowable by law eliminates harmful bacteria but does not harm valuable nutrients.
It also does not break down critical enzymes found naturally in milk, therefore providing a healthier milk choice.

Benefits of Low-Temp Vat Pasteurized Milk:

Easier digestion
Rich in lactose and other important enzymes

Why Non-Homogenized Milk?

Milk does not require homogenization which uses high pressure to break down the butterfat particles. This allows vitamins, like A & D, to bond more easily with the larger butterfat particles. These larger particles are transported throughout the entire digestive tract where they release nutrients to the body. Green Field Farms' Non-Homogenized milk is easy to identify by the natural layer of cream that rises to the top.

Benefits of Non-Homogenized Milk:

Easier digestion
Butterfat particles stay in their natural state

Provides excellent nutrient delivery

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